Pastoral vacancy starting October 2021

Basel Christian Fellowship (BCF) is an independent evangelical English-speaking church that serves people from many nations. BCF is looking to appoint a successor to the current Pastor who is retiring.  The position is full time (100%) and is based in Basel.

The large majority of people in the congregation are not Swiss and have English as their mother tongue, or as their primary second language. The position therefore requires an exceptional standard of English in general and in the field of theology, as well as pastoral experience and ministry in an English-speaking evangelical Christian church context. It also requires a very high standard of biblical and theological knowledge. It is essential for the pastor to have international life experience in order to understand, relate to, serve, shepherd and lead the congregation. Most importantly, the position requires an individual whose life is distinctly characterized by a deep Christian faith, a devotion to Christ, and a genuine selfless love for other people and the community.

In particular, the Pastor is expected:

  • To agree with, embrace and promote the Basel Christian Fellowship Statement of Faith and Statutes
  • To have a very sound knowledge and understanding of Scripture. To believe in the inerrancy, infallibility and sufficiency of the Bible as God’s Word and to be committed to expository preaching
  • To exemplify the Biblical characteristics and qualities set out for overseers, elders and deacons, for example in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:6-9
  • To love, care for, serve and shepherd the church
  • To have an exceptionally high level of English (native speaker)
  • To have experience of living and pastoring in an English-speaking country in addition to substantial international, multi-cultural experience in a relevant Christian work area
  • To have a passion for, and proven experience in teaching and preaching the gospel with compassion and authority
  • To hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in theology, preferably a Master of Divinity from a free evangelical seminary that reflects BCF’s principles and Statement of Faith
  • To be a bible scholar with a good grounding in biblical Greek and hermeneutics

Certified knowledge of German, both spoken and written, will be needed.

The responsibilities of the Pastor include membership of BCF’s Pastoral Council, teaching, preaching, conducting church services, Sunday School and youth work, leading bible studies, prayer groups and other church activities, counselling, practical support for those in need, contact with BCF missionaries, and general administration. See below for details of the job profile and duties.
The BCF Statement of Faith and further information about the Fellowship are available on this website.


Applications should be marked ‘Application for Pastoral Vacancy’ and sent to together with the following:  

  • a full curriculum vitae
  • copies of degrees and relevant qualification certificates
  • the names and contact details of at least three referees, who have known the applicant for at least two years and can endorse the applicant’s character, pastoral strengths, preaching and other abilities
  • the applicant’s own testimony and own statement of faith

Applications must be in English and submitted by 31 August 2021

The duties of the pastor include:


  • Teaching in accordance with scripture
  • Taking a prominent role in preaching and but also sharing preaching responsibilities with the Preaching Team and occasionally with guest speakers
  • Taking an active role in leading and encouraging Bible Study and Prayer Meetings
  • Training and encouraging the Preaching Team, Service Leading Team and Bible Study leaders
  • Instructing in matters of the Christian faith to seekers, new Christians and existing Christians

Church Services

  • Sharing the leading of regular church services with the Pastoral Council and lay members of the congregation
  • Sharing the leading of Communion with the Pastoral Council
  • Leading dedication, baptism, marriage and funeral services, but agreeing to delegate or share the responsibility
  • Preparing the leading and preaching schedule in consultation with the Pastoral Council

Sunday School & Youth Work

  • Encouraging and supporting the Sunday School Co-ordinator and teachers
  • Visiting classes from time to time when possible
  • Being sensitive to the needs of young people, teaching, encouraging and participating in the youth activities as appropriate

Small Groups (Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, etc.)

  • Supporting existing groups and helping to establish new ones according to need
  • Leading and hosting one or two groups as appropriate

Other Church Activities

  • Initiating and leading special activities in consultation with the Pastoral Council and Board such as ‘Away days’ and to delegate specific tasks as appropriate
  • Encouraging and supporting others with special gifts to lead and arrange suitable activities
  • Bringing ideas for evangelistic outreach as well as service to the flock


  • Providing biblical counselling to BCF attendees and people in need and where appropriate, counselling in collaboration with specialist counsellor/suitable Church member(s)

Practical Support:

  • Offering or arranging support to those that are sick or in difficulty
  • Not undertaking every activity solely but to have an awareness of the needy and ensuring appropriate support is available, in collaboration with the Pastoral Council and Board, as necessary

Outside Contact

  • Establishing and maintaining contacts with:
    • Appropriate English-speaking churches in the area
    • Local German-speaking churches with similar theological bases as BCF (as language allows)
    • Various English-speaking organisations within Basel as appropriate
    • Existing BCF missionaries


  • The Pastoral Council
    • The Pastor chairs the Pastoral Council meetings but may in exceptional circumstances be absent.
    • The Pastor informs the Pastoral Council of his activities.
    • The Pastor gives advice/support to the Pastoral Council and seeks advice/support from them.
  • The Board
    • The Pastor is expected to support and advise the Board but does not have the right to vote on Board decisions.
    • The Pastor’s attendance at Board meetings is in accordance with the Statutes, which state that the Pastoral Council may send a non-voting representative to all Board meetings. This may be the Pastor or one of the Pastoral Council members.
    • The Pastor is expected to give the Pastor’s Report at the Annual General Meeting.
    • Engages the Board directly on personnel-related issues.

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