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COVID-19 Protection concept for church services and church events

(This document will be updated subject to the guidelines given by the BAG (Federal Office of Public Health)

  1. Basic Principles
  • The protection concept shows how our church community life can be gradually returned to normal while observing protective measures. These measures are designed to increase the control and planning possibilities for all.
  • It is important that chains of infection can be traced and infection with COVID-19 can be contained. The church leadership is responsible for the implementation of the protection concept; however, the personal responsibility of participants must also apply.
  1. Entrance control
  • Staggered entry into and exit from the church building will be implemented.
  • Church Tools Check-In function will be used – see below Monitoring Measures.
  • Participants are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to start of church service to avoid crowding at the entrances.
  • Disinfectant dispensers will be provided at the entrance, toilets and additional rooms in use.
  • All participants must disinfect their hands before entering. Subsequent handwashing is recommended.
  1. Other hygiene measures
  • Face masks are mandatory for all attendees (special conditions apply for children). Participants are asked to bring their own masks if possible.
  • A face mask for the preacher and leader is not necessary as there is an adequate distance between them and the participants.
  • No hugging, embracing or shaking hands.
  • Cough into the crook of your arm.
  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly or use hand disinfectant.
  • Intensified, conventional surface cleaning (e.g. seats)
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces and disinfect contact points such as doors and toilets.
  • Participants are kindly asked to clean their chairs before they leave the service. The Ushers will hand out disinfectant wipes which can then be thrown away in the bin provided at the exit.
  • Use gloves when cleaning; dispose of these safely.
  • Handle all waste in the properly and safely.
  • Ventilate premises regularly, i.e. regular air exchange for 10 minutes before, during and after the service.
  1. Distancing rules and Seating arrangement in the church service room
  • A distance of 2 metres must be maintained between the participants in all directions. It is the responsibility of the all who attend the church services.
  • Allow sufficient distance from the stage to the first row of participants.
  • Avoid large gatherings in front of the church building. For the time being, the 30-person rule will apply outside the church buildings.
  • Only seats with markings are to be used.
  • Participants belonging to the same household may sit together, the minimum distance does not apply.
  • Group work (pre-church prayer) is not possible
  1. Worship service content/After service
  • There is no congregational singing for the time being.
  • It is possible for music to be played and for the congregation to hum along.
  • Distance regulations between musicians and other participants must be observed.
  • No offering will be collected during service; participants are encouraged to make gifts/offerings by bank transfer.
  • The Lord’s Supper will not be celebrated for the time being.
  • There will be no after-church coffee.
  1. Potection of the particularly vulnerable persons
  • People who are particularly vulnerable because of COVID-19 should not be excluded from church events.
  • They should, however, protect themselves as well as possible against infection and be encouraged to take advantage of BCF meetings online.
  • The participation of particularly vulnerable persons in church meetings is an individual decision.
  • Digital options (e.g. Zoom or live stream of church services and meetings) will be continued for particularly vulnerable persons who cannot attend a physical service. Digital options are a good alternative especially when only confined spaces are available.
  1. Persons infected with COVID-19
  • Sick people must stay at home.
  • People who live in the same household as a sick person or who have had close contact with a sick person must stay at home.
  • The BAG's recommendations on isolation and quarantine and the instructions and orders of the relevant cantonal authorities apply.
  • If it is discovered after the service that a person infected with COVID-19 was present at the service, the church leadership must be informed immediately. The leadership will inform the church service participants promptly and draw their attention to the BAG rules regarding this incident.
  1. Information/Communication
  • Personal communication of the protection concept to regular churchgoers will be by newsletter.
  • The information will be posted on the homepage
  • The BAG's information material (posters, screens, etc.) will be displayed on the premises of Johanneskirche.
  1. Monitoring/Tracking measures
  • The tracking measures recommended by the BAG are fully implemen
  • The Church Tools check-in functionality will be used for regular participants. A hardcopy list will be available as a backup.
  • Visitors/persons not known are asked to leave their surname, first name and telephone number. Cards to record this will be provided.
  • The church leadership will ensure that the addresses are kept safe.
  • The personal participation data will be deleted 14 days after the service has taken place.
  1. Conclusion
  • Basel Christian Fellowship (BCF) confirms that the above protection measures do not contravene the regulations stated in the ‘Framework protection concept for the resumption of church services and religious meeting of the BAG
  • The church leadership will regularly inform church workers/helpers and participants on hygiene measures and updates.


Person responsible for COVID-19 protection measures: Maureen Hill

Deputy: Lukas Fischer

On Behalf of BCF Board

Basel, 20.06.2020

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